Nerva's Movie Review of Push

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Hope you brought your pencils
Nerva - wrote on 04/01/10

A 2 hour set up that goes no where. The movie I'm guessing was planning on being successful enough to warrant a sequel or franchise so instead of making a really great movie people would want to see another one of they loaded up more crap then they could fit in 2 hours about explaining their little world to us and all the intricate little rules they need to play by, being sure to open up plenty of possible side plots and leave enough questions unanswered at the end of their two hour how to manual to get a green light. The premise would be good if handeled much much better, there was no need to make this so complicated, Heres the movie in two seconds Hi I can push things with my mind. Hi I can read the future. Hi theres this guy that can follow us. Hi theres these other group of people who can block the people following us. Hi theres this guy that can control minds or emotions or some kinda crap and then the governemtns involved somehow I dont even know... way too complicated with a million different rules you have to follow about which character has what ability and there weekness is this other character and those are just the characters not even the actual plot. I go to the movies to enjoy myself not take notes and draw pie charts. Would have been much better as a mini series where they could introduce things at a normal pace and not have to spend 1/2 the movie telling you what was going on or leave out 1/2 the crap they tried spitting at you in the first one until they actually did get picked up for a sequel

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