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Black Rain (1989)

You won't see Michael Douglas like this anymore
TheWolf - wrote on 08/17/07

Nick Conklin (Douglas) and Charlie Vincent (Garcia) are US cops who get involved in a Yakuza killing and capture a dangerous murderer Sato (Yasuka Matsuda). When delivering him to authorities in Japan, Sato escapes and Conklin and Vincent are forced to team up with Masahiro Matsumoto (Ken Takakura) in order to hunt him down. The clash in cultures creates tension as the investigation continues.
'Black Rain' is a lot like Ridley Scott's previous outing 'Blade Runner' in that a cop searches through a vast metropolis for a renegade killer, except, rather than use a ton of innovative computer graphics and special effects, Scott manages to utilise the entirety of Osaka and make it look like a futuristic city of vast neon lights and looming skyscrapers.
The film is dark, and dreary, and yes many of the references make it some what jaded, but over all it was a decent film.

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