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Ghost Rider (2007)

Better CGI would have improved this movie
TheWolf - wrote on 08/08/07

I attribute a lot of the problems with this movie to the CGI of the film. The concept was a good idea. Growing up Ghost Rider was one of my favorite comics to read. When I saw that they were doing this movie I thought it could be decent, but when I began to see a lot of the CG work I could see that the flaws were huge, and they would be very difficult to overcome. Nicholas Cage did a good job as he always does, Eva Mendes was looking great, and she played her part well, Donal Logue also did a good job. The thing that disturbed me was the fact that while the fire looked great, the textures on the skull were poor (they look plastic) which tells me the texturing and lighting was off. When the transformation occurred his voice changed into a really cheesy supposed to be "demonic" voice... it would have been better if they just kept his normal voice, maybe augmented it slightly.
The movie just didn't know where to go, they should have taken a story line from one of the comics, and ran with that, and they should have included Caretaker (Sam Elliott) more in the movie. The movie could have done a lot more, but I still think the biggest problem was the CGI team needed a couple more people with some varying skills to improve what they had put together.

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