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Leonard Part 6

The plague, I would rather have the plague.
TheWolf - wrote on 08/03/07

I saw this movie when it hit VHS and the whole reason for renting it was because my father and I had been on a Bill Cosby kick that included a lot of his stand-up routines. Well when he brought this home I looked at it and said "I haven't seen the first 5". Which from what I understand was the reaction of most people that have seen this movie. The movie was awful. The premise actually had promise - a retired spy (whose assignments 1-5 were classified "in the interest of national security") returns to thwart the plans of a vegetarian madwoman who, with the help of armies of mind-controlled animals, is bent on world domination. But, boy, is the final product a lethargic bore. The movie plays like an experiment to see just how slow an eighty-minute movie can feel; it's badly written and directed, the actors seem lost and lacking in energy, and there's no evidence of even the slightest bit of intelligence on either side of the camera. This movie would have made a good MST3K.

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