TheWolf's Movie Review of Shanghai Knights

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Shanghai Knights

Awesome sequel
TheWolf - wrote on 07/30/07

I'm not looking for historical accuracies or poignant subplots when I rent a movie like this, I just want to escape my boring life for a couple of hours. And this film delivers. Owen Wilson is outrageous as he wisecracks his way in and out of side-splitting situations and tight spots. And he and Jackie Chan play perfectly off each other. As in the first movie, the comedy is nicely fitted between superb action scenes and a decent enough story. But let there be no doubt, these are comedies, and they are among the best in the last few years. I'd have to say Shanghai Knights is a bit better than the first one, through and through, but you really can't enjoy it without having seen Shanghai Noon.
I love Jackie Chan movies because Jackie Chan loves making movies, and his energy and vigor are clearly up on the screen. This is an awesome, very funny sequel to a great movie.

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