Sebman's Movie Review of Dogma

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Dogma is not Dog shit
Sebman - wrote on 10/12/09

Now I am catholic, and most catolic believe that this movie is mean and offensive. I understand that but really I have to say this was funny as shit. To me i think everyone is in their A- game. Ben Affleck is funny, we see Matt Damon not being Serious than his other movie. Jay and silent Bob are once again another home run even though Silent Bob has maybe the least amount of words his says throughout this movie. The humor is hilarious like how Jesus is black and the not remenber thirtenth disciple is black too but isn't in the Bible or how god is actually a woman. All of this is actually hilarious and I defintely should say you should check it out. Now even though Already gave a rating to this review already but just for the hell it, give a much different rating out of 10.
The only flaws is that it is somewhat long and maybe some jokes don't hit but it is one you should defintely check out and to me it is an underappreciated film from Kevin Smith (but not his best though)

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