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Heist gone Flat
BryanFury - wrote on 05/27/08

Somehow I did not feel anybody ever won anything after the screen turned black and the credits roll. The fast paced scenery of Vegas is definitely tempting to anyone who wants to change their life overnight. But I was a bit lost when they finally put the heist in motion and I really did not understand what's going on. Well if they are really trying to make us viewers believed that the system they devised to beat the blackjack tables really works then wouldn't it be nice if we understand how to do it to. What was shown instead were just a lot of gibberish mumbling and chips pilling up, it was like hitting the fast-forward button in the remote literally. I would have wanted to see the whole process in slow motion to make me appreciate the concept of ingenuity this group of hustlers has formulated. The cast is headed by Jim Sturgess who is on my watch believable as a genius but his performance kind of died down on me halfway through the movie. Kevin Spacey did not do anything worthy acting wise and performance wise. Even the supposedly romance of the main character and Kate Bosworth is disappointingly half-cooked. Supporting cast didn't even do as much as literally burn screen time. Overall this movie could have been a lot better but as much I would have wanted to like 21, it falls flat in so many levels.

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