BryanFury's Movie Review of Semi-Pro

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E.L.E - Everybody Loves Everybody
BryanFury - wrote on 04/10/08

Nobody could ever put eyeliner into good use in a basketball game except for Will Ferrel. I really think that doing sport movies is becoming a trend nowadays and Ferrel's game is certainly at its peak. Everything from the comedic stints to the script and not to mention the colorful characters, every single one of them just blended beautiful music together. Who would have thought that an ex SNL goof ball could ever be a race car driver, an ice skating champ and a basketball semi pro in one lifetime. Andre Benjamin was a surprise for me. He could try something a little dark next time and win an acting award because he’s certainly got that actor’s niche. Woody Harelson also brought his “A” game and mixed a different blend of drama in this movie. Overall Semi pro has about 80 percent bulletproof comedy and about 10 percent drama and remaining 10 is I don't know what for. If anyone out there is looking for a laugh out loud comedy then this movie is for you. I highly recommend it

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