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Jennifer's Body

It's All About the Body
Chris Kavan - wrote on 09/20/09

I think if I were about 15 years younger, this just might be the best movie of the year. However, as I'm no longer in the prime of my teen years, Megan Fox, despite her best efforts, just couldn't save an otherwise rote horror/comedy.

I will say that I think the casting couldn't have been any better. I honestly can't think of anyone who would have been better in the title role. Backing up the it girl is Amanda Seyfried, who despite being the brainy best friend, manages to hold her own. But really, I bet almost everyone who went to see this film on opening weekend were drawn in by hoping to see more of Megan Fox and while some people may come away disappointed, she's mostly naked enough to make any man happy.

That's about the best I can say - the eye candy content is off the scale. It's too bad the story can't hold up just as well. You can tell Diablo Cody wrote this. Much like Juno, it has that hip teen-speak that is both fresh yet slightly annoying. There are plenty of catchy one-liners thrown out, but it can't cover the fact that the characters all seem one-dimensional - the emo kid, the hot cheerleader, the working mom, the oafish football player, the ex-hippy teacher who's still trying to be hip, the almost perfect boyfriend - some die, some live, but none are given much development.

I did like the side-story on the indie band trying to make it big by making a pact with Satan - Adam Brody had perhaps the best part aside from Fox. The attitude, the look, the hit song - it all seemed pretty authentic. It's too bad it wasn't given more time. But then no one wanted to see yet another emo band sob into their microphones; it's much more interesting to watch Fox make out with Seyfried - which reminded me of a similar scene in Cruel Intentions.

Fans of horror won't be impressed. There are only a few death scenes and they're not nearly interesting enough. It's one of those films that leave most of the violence up to your imagination, but maybe in this case, they could have shown a little more. Fans of comedy will likewise be let down. There aren't any truly laugh-out-loud moments. You may titter a few times, but that's about it.

In the end, it comes down to how much you really like Megan Fox. Because in the end, she's really the only draw for this movie.

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