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Review - The Great Debaters (2007)
Delorted - wrote on 01/07/08

James Farmer (Denzel Whitaker) was an average black child of the 1930's when he joined Melvin B. Tolson's (Denzel Washington) debate team. The true story of their fight against the odds is portrayed in "The Great Debaters."

If you ever want a deja vu, this is the movie to watch. I've seen this movie before, only then it was called "Remember the Titans." The sports may be different, and this one may be more dramatic, but it's not original and follows the same pattern as the countless other team-defying-the-odds movies.

The acting was good, the story itself was inspirational, but the whole message is a little old these days. Honestly, I think they've played the race card to death by now. We get it, black people were treated badly, but things have changed and we need to stop reminding ourselves of the bad times. Racism today is a crumb of society, but a lot of people won't let you realize that.

But enough of my little rant. "The Great Debaters" is a good movie, but certainly a forgettable one that didn't live up to the enjoyment of movies such as the aforementioned "Remember the Titans." Go rent that one instead.

Acting: 9/10
Writing: 7/10
Video/Editing: 7/10
Audio/Music: 7/10
Entertainment: 5/10

Final Score: 7/10

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