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Review - Crash (2005)
Delorted - wrote on 10/28/07

Los Angeles, California has always been known as one of the most controversial cities in America. The lives of the people living there are constantly colliding with the world around them, both racially and emotionally. Such is the theme of the Best Picture winning film, “Crash.”

I personally do not live in L.A., but I find it hard to believe this film can be taken seriously. The entire film is about racial differences, but not in the sense that we need to overcome racism, which seems from the beginning to be the final message, but rather in the sense that everybody is racist and we just have to deal with it. The countless plots surrounding the characters have no purposes, nor do they have logical or interesting conclusions. The film also seems to begin and end on two completely unrelated notes. It seems as if director and screenwriter Paul Haggis only wanted to make a film about race and simply came up with a story as he went.

The worst thing about the film, once you get past the clichés, stereotypes, unnecessary two seconds of nudity and the ever-hovering and all too obvious message of “racism is bad,” is that it’s just boring. There’s nothing interesting about any of the characters, and the only story I enjoyed got the least amount of screen time. The film runs almost the entire time without music, and when there is music it’s completely unnecessary. And I’m sorry Bird York, but I can’t stand “In the Deep.”

I don’t believe this film should have won Best Picture, obviously. I don’t have a grudge against it, and I certainly don’t think “Brokeback Mountain” should have won (I was rooting for “Capote” myself), I just think it’s a sub par film that didn’t deserve all the hype.

Acting: 7/10
Writing: 4/10
Video/Editing: 6/10
Audio/Music: 4/10
Entertainment: 3/10

Final Score: 4.8/10

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