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Stephen King's It

Wonderful King Mini-series!
mdtinney - wrote on 05/31/10

I first saw this movie on TV around the time it first debuted. I saw it at my mother's house and it didn't scare me much at first. Or maybe I just don't remember it doing so. Anyway, over the years, I kept watching it more and more. Mostly when it came on TV. There was the occasional time I'd just rent the movie but it wasn't enough. I wanted this movie. I bought it on VHS first but then switched to laserdisc. After that, I became extremely addicted watching it just about everyday. My obsession with this movie is really quite weird. It scares me to death, yet I still love it. Just thinking of this movie gives me chills.
The scariest part about this movie was, of course, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, portrayed wonderfully by the extremely talented Tim Curry. Whether it be his evil smile or his spiteful, mocking laugh, he is one clown you don't ever want to encounter. He has besotted me over the years. How can someone like him hold so much power over someone? He's a work of fiction, yet he manages to terrify so many people. The best part of the movie is definitely the kids. They make the film. They give it so much heart and innocence. Jonathan Brandis gives a wonderful performance as the young Bill Denbrough. But my favorite will always be Seth Green as the young Richie Tozier. I sometimes feel I'm part of the Losers Club while watching. Or maybe it's just a dream of mine. I've made it a priority of mine to visit Vancouver, where they filmed the movie, and visit the shooting locations. There are certain scenes in the film that really get to me. And as surprising as it may sound, the second part of the movie actually scares me way more than the first. I don't know what it is. It could be the fact that Pennywise is a lot more angry and meaner in the second half. You can really feel his rage towards these kids. It disturbs me. Quite possibly the scariest scene would be where Pennywise appears to Henry Bowers in the moon at the Juniper Hills. I can just imagine how confused and horrified I'd be if a crazy, demented clown showed up to me while I was trying to sleep. And that horrible voice. I'd go on, but it's just too much. If you've never read the book, read it. It's a lot scarier than the movie, of course. And while most people think the movie doesn't do justice to the novel, I think they made a very good effort. While it pales in comparison to the book, as a movie by itself, with no association to the book whatsoever, I'm sure it would've done just as well. This movie is sure to terrify anyone with a pulse. Rent it this Halloween, or just any weekend for a good scare. With wonderful performances by Harry Anderson and Tim Reid, a beautiful original music by Richard Bellis, and scares left, right, and center, this movie is quite a treat for horror fans.

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