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The 1st Mean Girls.
mdtinney - wrote on 08/26/09

I recently saw "Heathers" after having not seen it for several years, and immediately remembered why I like it. This film so perfectly portrayed the high school social scene of its era. Anybody who was in high school in the late 80's can say that they recall people who were like the characters in this film. The members of this core clique, especially its merciless leader and the sex-crazed football players who thought the world revolved around them still linger today in most schools. Most of us who were not as popular in high school want some kind of karmic justice and this film is a visual gratification of that desire. Even though it goes to the extreme that it does, It is still worth watching. Unlike other teen films of the 80's, "Heathers" does not try to pleasantly resolve its conflict toward a happy ending. As for the casting, Winona Ryder became a star for her portrayal of Veronica, the new clique member who is trying to get back what she lost in order to be part of the crowd, her own identity. Christian Slater was the driving force of the film, and he will never duplicate this terrific performance. The two of them had great chemistry. I'm sure many guys could relate to J.D. and his demons. Kim Walker played the power bitch Heather Chandler to perfection. Her performance from the opening shot to her sudden demise will live on even though she is no longer with us. Shannon Doherty was great as the bitch-in-training Heather Duke. I strongly recommend that today's youth who has seen "Mean Girls" also see this film which more fully lived up to that name.

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