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Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black.. Oscar worthy!
mdtinney - wrote on 04/26/09

Meet Joe Black is a phenominal movie about a wealthy Bill Parrish ( played perfectly by Anthony Hopkins) who is about to celebrate his 65th birthday when he is visited by a mysterious stranger (Joe Black) played by Brad Pitt. That mysterious stranger turns out to be Death that has come to take Bill's life. But the plot thickens when Joe Black falls for Bill's beautiful daughter played by Claire Forlani. Death has agreed to give Bill more time on earth if Bill will be his guide on earth for a while. The performances by Hopkins and Pitt are Oscar-worthy and the direction by Martin Brest is as good if not better than his previous endeavor ( Scent of a Woman #3 on my Top 100). The movie is a little long (3 hours) which is the reason I give it 3 1/2 stars and rank it 19th in my Top 100. Still a phenominal movie and worth seeing.

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