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Ocean's Thirteen

Another time, probably for the last
patjohnson76 - wrote on 02/08/08

Ocean's 13 is definitely an improvement over the debacle that was Ocean's 12, but it just doesn't capture the enthusiasm and energy of Ocean's 11. First off, the gang is all back (with the exception of Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who really just got in the way in the last two movies) and a new caper is at hand. This one involves the 11 rigging a casino after it's owner (Pacino) screws Gould's Reuben out of his share (which leads to a heart attack or depression attack of some kind).

The movie is mostly entertaining when it's preparing and pulling off the caper. However, some minor plot devices nearly torpedo the film, such as Affleck and Caan's characters being caught up in some union revolt in Mexico, Matt Damon's Linus sporting a big nose purely for a gag, and some machine that creates an earthquake. Nothing, however, measures up to the horrible miscasting of Pacino as the villain. Pacino doesn't really play a character, really, he's just Al Pacino here. Warren Beatty probably would have played the role more convincingly. However, if you can get past the minor problems it's an entertaining watch.

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