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Filth and Wisdom

Filthy Gorgeous
Austin Shagwell - wrote on 04/13/09

A story of three "flatmates" living three obscure lifes in the depths of London. A.K. (portrayed by Eugene Hutz, of Gogol Bordello) is our Scandanavian(?) narrator and possibly lead character, who is the lead singer of a band, Gogol Bordello (no, this is not a documentary) and makes his money by beating up lonely husbands. Holly (portrayed by the incredibly likeable Holly Weston) is a Ballerina, who has everything, she could want, except for money. So, Holly needs to find a way to make money now also, and being that she allready has the flexibility of a ballet dancer, she looks to becoming a stripper. Our third main character is Juliette (portrayed by the model esque Vicky McClure), is a pharmacist who wants to help the starving children in Afrika more than anything else in the world. She is the only one of the main characters that makes a steady living; but she has to cope with her sister (the parents favorite daughter) finally moving out of thier parents house, and a boss who is secretely obsesed with her, so, she starts stealing pharmaceuticals from her workspace.
All in all, Eugene Hutz shines, and is sure to have a promising career in acting (at least in indie flicks.) Oh yeah, and Madonna directed it. And yes, she is undeniably a better directer than hse is an actress.

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