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Battle: Los Angeles

Bullets and Shrapnel
Nick - wrote on 05/05/11

I was really excited for great things from this movie. I wasn't expecting a re-make type movie of Independence Day, but a more realistic movie with lots of sci-fi and great story with on-the-edge of your seat action. Battle Los Angeles succeeded on only a few of those fronts. The movie was quite realistic and believable. The kind of reaction and response the U.S. had is pretty much exactly how it would really go down. I was happy that no secret weapons that don't exist popped out of the blue from a hidden U.S. research facility. It was just troops and military defense against the enemy. What did catch me a little surprised was that the movie was much more action, and not much sci-fi. The sci-fi was basically your alien ship graphics, a few aliens and their weapons, but not any true aspects that you expect from a sci-fi movie. This movie was much more like your Black Hawk Down, Hurt Locker type of movie, lots of military, on the streets action. Battle Los Angeles was still good, worth seeing, and I recommend you watch it. And of course, they left it open ended, like almost all movies now, so they can make another.

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