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QR Reviews the grinch 2018
QR Reviews - wrote on 12/26/18

I think everyone didn’t know what to expect from this film, is it going to be like the Jim Carey.,.. oh god no. Is it going to be like the animated short. Well no not like that either. It’s a modernized version of the grinch. And I don’t like it. I LOVE IT. Even if people don’t like illumination, god dang they a good movie. Most of their work is very minipulative. This felt like it had heart and soul. So we know the story so I don’t need to go through that but it does have it news things to make it fresh. The grinch is very relativible, I have heard people don’t like that cause “oh he needs to be timeless” I feel making him relatable makes him become timless. Cause everyone can feel Christmas is only about the present while it’s about the family and the people. The movie does have it fare share of problems. The movie drags forever with the planning of the Grinch plan to steal Christmas. And I would want the movie to keep going but then the movie would be very short. I hated that the times when the grinch was dark. It was for like 5 minutes and then he went silly. I do want a bit more but then make him relatable. Just balancing out. The jokes where funny. The animation was amazing and look real at times, with the snow. The voices are great. I love the movie for making the grinch timless and making the movie for people who hated the Jim Carey version and didn’t like the animated short cause it was scary. I thought the short was fine... but the Jim Carey one... the less we speak the better. I would love to see more of doctor Seuces work. Just to see if they can keep the heart going with these movies. 3.5/4 in my books

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