Cederlind8's Movie Review of Dante's Peak

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Dante's Peak

Cederlind8 - wrote on 11/24/08

Dante’s Peak is about a so called ‘extinct’ volcano located in Washington. A volcanologist named Harry Dalton is wanted to search the volcano to make sure that it is extinct because they have seen some seismic activity there. He goes and checks it out and along the way he meets the mayor of the town and her 2 kids. After they discover 2 people floating dead in a pool of hot springs and dead animals in the forest, his team and he soon discover that the volcano is dormant and about to erupt! I researched some of the events that occurred in the movie and a high percentage of them were true. The dead animals, the boat that float across the acid and that and eruption can turn a lake into volcanic acid. This movie is very entertaining, keeps you wanting to watch more to see what happens to the characters and informative on volcanoes. I would hive this movie a solid 4 out of 5. It could be your new favorite!

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