Stuart '2-D' Pot's Movie Review of Tomorrowland

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Fun, action packed retro sci-fi.
Stuart '2-D' Pot - wrote on 06/15/17

Despite a lot of negative reviews from critics, I saw this film when it came out and watched it twice on Netflix. What can I say? It was a fun, old fashioned sci-fi and I had a good time at the cinema watching it. George Clooney is great, as is Hugh Laurie. There are some great performances from actors who I didn't know until seeing this (Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy). I think Cassidy nearly stole the show for me. And there were also some great set pieces, namely the end battle with the robots. That was pretty cool. And of course, there are top notch visual effects to accompany the cool action scenes and set pieces. The storyline was effective enough to carry the weight of the visuals and action set pieces. And that score. Michael Giacchino is a freakin' genius! And it was surprising to see his name popping up again a few weeks after (thanks Jurassic World). Lesson, never doubt Michael Giacchino. I stopped doubting him after Star Trek. The fact Brad Bird turned down Star Wars to direct this showed his confidence in this, and it payed off for the end result was a slick, action packed sci-fi that is plenty of fun to watch. Definitely watch if you haven't already.

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