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Cape Fear (1991)

One Aspect is More Relevant Today
kimstir - wrote on 06/21/16

Slight Spoils...

I think this movie is might actually be even more relevant today than when it came out. I mean that in terms of the rape case Robert De Niro's character was sent to prison for (learn about it at the start of the movie). Nick Nolte's character sat on a report that suggested the victim was promiscuous, and Robert De Niro is mad about it because he knows that that report would have kept him out of jail. In addition, [SLIGHT SPOILER] when another chick gets raped later, she doesn’t want to press charges because she knows how the legal system will treat her in court (she was a bit promiscuous herself). Totally NOT how the legal system treats rape victims today. No way. We’ve grown so much. #progress

Besides all that soapbox stuff, I enjoyed the movie for the most part, but it was a little too stylized for me. I liked Nick Nolte a lot more than I thought I would. And the scene between Robert De Niro and Juliette Lewis at school was really interesting/disturbing/intense. So yeah, I liked it, just a little too stylized overall for my taste. Haven’t seen the original yet though, maybe there was a reason for all that in your face camera stuff and editing.

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