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Mr. "No, movie!"
Pat - wrote on 05/29/16

Why do I give Jaco Van Dormael's "Mr. Nobody" a 1 of 4? Because I am being quite generous. This movie supposed star is Jared Leto, who does a great job acting in this movie, but is he really the star of the film? I don't buy it.

I will begin with the positives. Oh wait a minute, I already went over that.

So "Mr. Nobody" is a terrible movie to the point where I feel like Van Dormael tried accordingly to make it terrible. Absolutely NOTHING makes sense in the plot. Whooops! there is actually no plot to begin with. Yeah how can someone make three romantic choices within a two-choice tossup between two parents who are getting divorced? I asked myself that throughout this two and a half hour disaster; I did not get an answer. In case Jaco Van Dormael didn't know, parents (and take note of the plural) traditionally are a twosome. And he even shows that in the movie, but there are three choices for Nemo Nobody (what a stupid name) for a woman to love.

The acting in this movie is sooo jive and pathetic that it is literally impossible to see why they relate to the one good actor in the movie, Leto. But even Leto really possesses less than fifty percent of the whole movie's run time, thanks to the age-differing actors that appear to be told to act like they are in kindergarten. That simile works except for the over-frequent and prolonged adolescent sex scenes, and if you watch this movie (don't) with a friend, there will be many awkward moments between you and your friend on account of these scenes.

I did not enjoy one line of dialogue in this movie. There, I said it. The dialogue is both over-cliched and often misplaced! PARADOX!!! Also the screen time of the characters is way too unbalanced.

Another thing that bothers me about "Mr. Nobody" is the unanswered questions about the accents that were utilized by the "actors." Sometimes Jared Leto has a british accent, but no matter what the 118 year old Nemo Nobody has no british accent. Why did the movie characters have to switch accents in the first place? It's just blatantly dumb!

In the end, "Mr. Nobody" is a complete waste of time. Don't watch it and move on from the supposed "mind-bending" anticipation you may have received from praises of the movie I don't even understand.

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