Freddie's Movie Review of The Blind Side

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The Blind Side

Pure Awesomeness
Freddie - wrote on 04/26/10

This was such a great movie. I thought Bullock did an excellent job. This was a very inspirational story that pretty much has you hooked from the beginning. There are some nitpicky things about the film which is why it couldn't get the full four stars. First, we don't really know anything about the Touhys, except, that they are obviously humanitarians. Also, the progression of time is really awkward. You see this tight family bond develop, but as far as we know he's only known them for two weeks. As good as this movie makes you feel, I do wonder how much of it is pure Hollywood. Again, as a whole, this was definitely an really good movie that can be watched over and over again. Bullock definitely deserved the Oscar, maybe not so much because she was the absolute best, but for her career, this is probably going to be one of her most acclaimed films...unless she surprises us again.

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