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Rachel Getting Married

Hathaway Rocks It Out
Freddie - wrote on 07/13/09

First thing's first. Hathaway was a brilliant recovering drug addict. She is really evolving as an actress. I think this was a great role for her. She shows her versatility and is just amazing. The thing that makes this movie great is the pure realism of it all. In the scene where they are all that the rehearsal dinner I actually had to get up and walk away while Hathaway started giving her speech. Not because it was bad, but because I was so embarrassed for her character. The characters were incredibly realistic. You can almost feel like you know them, or maybe you even know people like them. I was surprised how I was able to stay interested in this movie when it really seemed like it was a home video of a wedding. But the actors embraced their roles so well that I couldn't really take my eyes off of them. And I was always curious to see Hathaway and what would happen next. The only real problem was the ending. It was incredibly weak for me. I'm not even sure what happened. She went back to rehab? Why? Was she only out for the wedding? I was kind of confused there. There were also still some unresolved issues such as the Kim-Mother issue. I would like to have known what happened with them. But I guess that is part of the whole reality bit. There are always going to be unresolved issues so I guess oh well. Otherwise, good movie. I wouldn't say its for everyone, but it's definitely worth watching.

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