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August Rush

Loved MOST of it (Warning: I "spoil" the ending)
Freddie - wrote on 10/24/08

There wasn't anything to complain about (except for one thing I talk about in the next paragraph). I really loved this movie. It was touching, heart-warming, and inspiring. The music was absolutely brilliant. I don't know what it is about Freddie Highmore that makes my heart melt. He was so hopeful and innocent. Keri Russel was another heart-wrencher. If Freddie was the one that ripped my heart out then she was the one who threw it on the ground and stomped on it. Her desperation in looking for her son pierces through the screen and shocks the heart of anyone watching. I really love her as an actress. I think they all portrayed their roles really well. That's including Mr. Meyers. He did not have that much on screen time, but when he was on he was on. Just as much as the other characters he really captures the essence pure and utter unhappiness. I mean honestly he could do anything, he's GORGEOUS, intense, and has a hot accent so he could play the crappiest role and I'll forgive him and still think its nothing short of pure brilliance. Love him.

The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. The song that August composed and conducted was the only thing that saved the ending, in my opinion. It was beyond brilliant. So sick. I loved it. However, everything else about that ending gets a thumbs down. I love to see reactions and emotions, especially in happy endings and none of that happened. It would have been great to see them like hugging or crying, or maybe even walking out the park holding hands, or maybe even cut to 4 months later where they are having a jam session in their living room that overlooks Central Park. Then it would have had that complete happy ending feeling. But that's not what happened. Instead, we saw JRM stalking out Keri through the crowd, then when he finally gets close enough he molests her hand (because of course he knew that 10 yrs later she was still single and in love with him and that kid on the stage was probaly theirs), then Keri just smiles, and he stares and Freddie turns around and smiles and they all just smile at each other "knowing." No. In the words of Britney "gimme more." I can believe that the music brought them together, but I don't believe it gave them psychic abilities. Otherwise JRM would have known Freddie was his kid when they were in Washington Sq. Park. I mean, I suppose that the music was supposed to be speaking for them, but whatever. Keri could have even whispered in JRM's ear "Our son." Then, knowing JRM, he would have given her a wide-eyed blissful stare, then stared up at Freddie in awe, then put on this smile that read, "yes, I have everything I could have ever wanted right here in this moment." But no, all they did was smile at each other. If it weren't for those last two minutes this movie could have gotten 4 stars from me.

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