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The Karate Kid, Part 2

Karate Kid 2 Review
jaystar7 - wrote on 02/17/16

After Daniel wins the tournament six months goes by. Daniel begins to lose his focus. Mr. Miyagi gets a letter from his old Okinawan sweet heart informing him that his father has fallen ill. Mr. Miyagi flies out to Okinawa to be with his father. Daniel having much respect for his karate instructor and friend decides to accompany him as friendly support. When they arrive in Okinawa Mr. Miyagi is confronted by his ex-best friend Sato who is still angry at Miyagi for stealing the heart of his future bride (Miyagi's girlfriend at the time) and to fight him so he can reclaim his honor. Daniel has also found trouble in Sato's nephew whom at first meeting dislikes Daniel because he hangs around with Miyagi whom is portrayed as a coward. Daniel also finds love with a local Okinawan girl. After much drama between Mr. Miyagi, Sato, Daniel and Sato's nephew. Sato finally sees the error of his ways and he and Miyagi make amends. Sato's nephew can't let it go. Feeling dishonored by Daniel he forces Daniel to fight him at a big Okinawan celebration to get his honor back. Daniel prevails by defeating Sato's nephew and saving the woman he loves. This is an excellent movie and probably my favorite among the karate kid movies but that is just my opinion. Watch it for yourself and you decide.

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