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The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers 2: Darker, Bigger, Slightly Worse
Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 05/02/15

I would like to preface this by saying I liked the movie. The problems I have with this movie are more subtle than anything. The accents on the twins are forced especially on Aaron. Taylor-Johnson's character. The creation of Ultron was also rushed but I understand why being that nobody was going to sit through an extra half hour of build up just to bring in the bad guy. If this is the last time we see Joss Whedon in the MCU then it was a good way to go out. He managed to not only wrap up previous things but also push it in another direction. The civil war and infinity war are going to be colossal and this does its job of getting us prepared for it, but also showing us that they aren't afraid to pull the plug on characters. Even if those characters may not seem significant. I'm not sure why they completely ignored the whole Bucky scenario in Cap 2 but I'm assuming it will eventually lead somewhere. The cast was brilliant once again and Downey's wise cracks are better than ever. The love story of Hulk and Black Widow seemed strangely forced at times but was fairly convincing for the most part. The tone of this movie was in between the 1st Avengers, and the Dark Knight. Not too light, but not extremely dark as well. Overall it was a pretty good film and it kicks off the summer films in a good way.

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Robby Kronemeyer - wrote on 05/11/15 at 05:35 PM CT

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review comment

Also Scarlet Witch was the best character. She gave me chills in that scene where she screams at the end.

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