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Shoot on Sight

A very thought provoking thriller
ravig - wrote on 09/18/08

it was one of the best films I have ever seen on the rise of Islamic terrorism in the 21st century. No western filmmaker, so far, has been able to understand why Islamic terrorists kill themselves. The great thing about 'Shoot On Sight' is its pace. It moves like a taut thriller but at the same time offers incisive understanding of how Islamic terrorists are recruited. And, yet the film is largely sympathetic to Islam and its followers.

Shoot On Sight depicts the hate-preaching Imam in a powerful as well as chilling style. Om Puri's performance as Imam gives you goose bumps,especially, when he incites mobs not to consider westerners innocents. He puts forth a seemingly logical argument to convince young innocent minds to become suicide bombers. I came out of the theater overwhelmed and so well-informed on many issues that one never sees anywhere.

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