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The Theory of Everything

Story of a man brilliant in both mind and body
Stoney McStonerson - wrote on 02/19/15

Theory of Everything is a beautiful well crafted film that will give you hope and help you to see that anything is possible no matter what road blocks are put in front of you ln life. I was totally mesmerized by Eddie Redmayne's performance as Stephen Hawking. His transformation was stunning to say the least. From his voice and physical deterioration was nothing short of brilliant. He is most deserving of his Academy Award nomination and I for one wouldn't be upset if he won. Tough year with Keaton's career achievement to contend with. Felicity Jones stands out as well as Stephen's "Rock" through most of his ordeal. She stays by his side for as long as humanely possible and her true love shows through in every scene. All in all this is a very well done moving film that doesn't rush through Hawking's life but takes its time to let you know Hawking's and the Woman who wouldn't give up on him. The Movie will push you to try to accomplish more in your own life as you see that this man didn't let this unapologetic Disease stop him in his pursuit of greatness.

My Grade- 3 1/2 Joints

Stoney McStonerson

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