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Groundhog Day

Repetiveness gets boring, pretty funny though
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/03/08

"Phil" (Bill Murray) is a Pittsburgh TV weatherman with a bad attitude. On Groundhog Day, he has to go to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the Punxsutawney Phil ceremony.

However, this Groundhog Day is unlike any other. And it gives "Phil" a chance to change his ways.

Let me say first, even though there are slight differences each time, the repetitiveness of the scenes gets boring real quick. Only Murray's sense of humor saves these scenes, especially when they are shown back-to-back.

Out of the entire cast, Murray is the best. When we first meet "Phil," Murray makes him arrogant but pretty comical with some quick wit. He has some pretty good chemistry with Andie MacDowell, especially when her character starts to fall for "Phil" (each time he experiences the day).

The supporting cast had very little development in this movie. The only time they had any development was when "Phil" was memorizing what they told him. A lot of the development is mostly repeated when "Phil" interacts with them each time he replays the day.

The comedy mainly relies on Murray, who is his typical self. There is nothing too over the top, and doesn't produce a gut-busting laugh. The most this movie will produce is some pretty good chuckles.

The biggest problem this movie has is the repeating scenes. Although "Phil" experiences them differently after he begins to realize what is going on, they are pretty limited in what they can do while playing the scenes pretty much the same each time.

I would not put this on your "Must See" list. But if you see this on television, and there really isn't anything else on, then check this out. You won't be too disappointed.

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