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An unlikely hero
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/02/08

"Darryl" (Damon Williams) and "Kevin" (David Allen Grier) are brothers from Chicago who were raised by their grandmother (the late Lynne Thigpen). The boys care more about the classic live-action television series, "Batman" than politics like their grandmother.

As they grew up, "Kevin" becomes a cameraman for WWHY-TV who can easily get s date on Friday night. While "Darryl" becomes a nerdy inventor-wannabe who has never been with a woman.

Then the unthinkable happens. "Darryl" and "Kevin's" grandmother is murdered by some assailants who barge into the campaign office of a top candidate for mayor. This eventually gives "Darryl" the idea to become a masked superhero like "Batman" using his inventions that are made from home appliances.

Naming himself "Blankman", "Darryl" gets the attention of not only the criminal element who are trying to purchase the newly elected mayor, who was suppored by "Darryl" and "Kevin's" grandmother, and the "Lois Lane"-type television reporter, "Kimberly Jonz" (Robin Givens), who catches the eye of "Kevin," but has eyes for "Blankman".

Yet another not-so-great recommendation from Yahoo Movies Personalized Recommendations. However, this one has its moments.

The first problem is the comedy. Too few jokes produce a chuckle. In fact, none of the jokes produce a good laugh. Another problem is that the supporting cast is not well written, and the script is predictable beyond words.

When it comes to predictability, you just knew that the grandmother was going to be killed near the beginning of the movie just seconds before it happened. You also knew that the lead female role, which was not well written if you ask me, would fall head over heels for "Blankman" instead of "Kevin" even before they had their first face-to-face meeting in the film.

One thing that makes the movie worth seeing, other than Williams and Grier, are the inventions created by "Darryl" for his alter-ego. If you laughed at "Data's" "Jaws of Life" in "The Goonies", then the ones in this movie should make you laugh as well.

Another problem with this film is the chemistry of the cast. To me, most of the cast were just there to collect a check and did very little to make the relationships of the characters believable. The strongest chemistry was between Williams, Grier and Givens. Personally, I wanted to see "Kevin" and "Kimberly" get together more than "Robin" and "Darryl"/"Blankman". I think that the blooming romance between "Kimbnerly" and "Blankman" was poorly written in fact, as I felt no chemistry between the two characters.

If you ask me, don't even rent this one. Wait until it comes on HBO or another movie channel. Then wait for a rainy day when there is nothing else on television.

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