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The Da Vinci Code

Doesn't really make me want to read the book
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/02/08

Based on one of the most popular novels out now, the story follows "Robert Langdon" (Tom Hanks) and "Sophie Neveu" as they search for the most sought after relic in all mankind -- the Holy Grail. Together, they follow cryptic clues that sends them around the Eastern Hemisphere in search of the relic.

But, as they search, there are those who want them stopped at all cost. And they must watch their backs, or their search will end -- as well as their lives.

First of all, let me say that I have not read the novel. And after watching the movie a couple of times, I am less interested in reading the book than I was before seeing the film.

First of all, the only thing that will keep you interested is the clues that are presented. They are quite interesting in fact. Another thing that is unique is the special effects used to focus on the clue (clues are highlighted in some scenes).

On the other hand, the biggest problems with the movie is pace as well as acting. The movie is frequently lagging in my opinion. As for the acting, nobody, not even the usually real good Hanks, is good. And to make things worse, Hanks was the wrong person for this role and had an inconsistent performance, as he performed strong in some scenes, yet had a weak performance in others.

The supporting cast for the most part were quite weak. They did nothing more than weakly advance the storyline.

Another drawback is that the movie can be hard to follow if you aren't paying close attention. If you turn your head at just the wrong moment, you will miss a major twist or clue that is important to the plot. I also noticed that, in my opinion, the actors were sometimes hard to hear at times. I do not have a hearing problem, but sometimes I had to strain to hear what was being said in English. Speaking of languages, I strongly suggest that you keep your eye on the screen when there is a high chance that a foriegn tongue will be spoken, as the English translation will be shown with subtitles on the screen.

Another nice part of this movie is that, for the most part, was shot on location at places depicted in the book. This would help with the feel of the book for those who have read it.

Ron Howard did a pretty good job at mixing special effects, beautiful location shoots and a twist-filled story to make it watchable. I would say watch it at least twice to make sure you didn't miss anything.

This movie isn't for everybody however. If you are not into lots of special effects, or a mystery story with a new twist every other scene, then this one is not for you.

I would say that this might be a good second choice to rent if your first choice is not available.

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