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The Fugitive (1993)

The way TV remakes for the Big Screen should be
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/08

I have seen numerous remakes of classic television series for the Big Screen over the years. Most of them make fun of the original TV series, and many just flop. "The Fugitive" is easily one of the best Big Screen remakes of a classic TV series to date, if not the best in general.

Vascular surgeon, "Dr. Richard Kimball" (Harrison Ford) is arrested, tried and wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife (Sela Ward, seen in flashbacks) and sentenced to death.

Some time after being sent to prison, "Dr. Kimball" and other prisoners are being transported to another prison by bus. Minutes pass, and one of the prisoners appears to be having a seizure, making the bus driver stop. As the guards check on the prisoner, a train's horn can be heard coming closer. Suddenly, the bus is hit by the train, killing many, while surviving prisoners escape. One of the survivors is "Dr. Kimball," who pulls a seriously injured guard from the wreck before running.

The next day, "US Deputy Marshal Samuel 'Big Dog' Gerard" (Tommy Lee Jones) and his team come to the scene of the wreck and discovers that "Dr. Kimball" had survived, and begins to go after him.

"Deputy Gerard" expects that he is after a convicted murder, but soon learns the truth of "Dr. Kimball's" case by piecing together clues he finds while on the fugitive's trail about the same time "Dr. Kimball" himself is finding clues leading to the same conclusion -- and his innocence.

The first thing you will notice is that is lots of action and great acting from the main cast. When it comes to the action, the scenes are edited well together, and are spread apart enough so that you will get some time to breathe.

The next thing you will notice is that the movie, as a whole, is written nicely. There are a few times where the script lags, but there isn't that much lagging. The story is compelling, and you cheer "Dr. Kimball" and "Deputy Gerard" pretty much equally.

The movie is nicely edited, and shot. Scenes that stand out are action and fight scenes. You will also like the scenes where "Deputy Gerard" and his team are close to capturing their fugitive. The scenes are filled with suspense just as much as action.

There is a little problem with character development with the supporting cast. Most notably "Deputy Gerard's" team and a few villains. But these flaws are forgettable thanks to the story itself.

In my opinion, "The Fugitive" is not only a great movie to watch on HBO or Encore, it is also a great selection for a first-choice the next time you go to your local video rental store as well as a good addition to your collection.

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