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Crocodile Dundee

The Crocodile Hunter he ain't
The M.O.W. - wrote on 08/01/08

"Sue Charliton" (Linda Kozlowski) is a New York City newspaper reporter who travels "Down Under" for a story on a charming poacher who was once attacked by a crocodile. The poacher, known as "Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee, tries to impress the reporter with his charm and tricks he's mastered over the years which have bolstered his reputation.

She invites "Dundee" back to the "Big Apple" where he is certainly out of place. However, he wins over everybody he comes across -- including "Sue," who is engaged to be married, but realizes "Dundee" is more her style.

As soon as he makes his on-screen appearance, "Dundee" instantly wins over the audience thanks to Hogan's performance. Kazlowski also does a fine performance, and works well with Hogan.

For the comedy in this movie, none of it will have you rolling on the floor or wetting your pants. You will, however, get some good chuckles out of the comedic moments.

The supporting cast is not well defined, but they are just enough to move the story along.

One thing that isn't used to its full advantage is New York City. I think that city could have lent itself to some pretty good comedic moments more. I also didn't understand the shots of the city used for transition shots since it was well established early on that they were in the "Big Apple."

To sum things up, "Crocodile Dundee" is a cute romantic comedy filled with comedic moments which will make you at least chuckle. Just don't expect many laugh-out-loud moments or a strong courtship between the two lead characters.

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