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Gravity drops like a rock
Cecil_B_DeFilm - wrote on 02/21/14

Big "blockbuster" that plummets like a meteorite not long after take-off.

I've been a Clooney fan since he stepped out of his character from that lamestream hospital drama which he was a regular on and rolled the dice with his career to play Seth Gecko in From Dusk to Dawn.
Point being, in my eyes he can rarely do wrong, but in this he certainly didn't do "right." His character is flimsy and even with his standard and seemingly default "Its all fun and games until its serious, then ITS SERIOUS" personality (which practically all the characters he plays reflect) he just doesn't seem to fit well with the severity of the situation in this particular role.

Now while I have nothing against the talents of Sandra Bullock, under the right circumstances (ie. comedies), her role here usurps those sentiments. She's simply not convincing as the slightly uptight non-NASA medical doctor who has had minimal training for a tag along observation mission and carries a "secret wish" that she soon realizes she doesn't actually want.

The concept and plot are quite brilliant, but its delivery and execution are poor.

The biggest criticism from everyone is the believability of the events and the events that lead to subsequent events, which seem to cause severe believability issues in this movie.
Though that may lead on to believe there's a lot going on in this film, Gravity is actually not very eventful at all.
In fact, overall it just burns OUT on re-entry.

See it for free if you see it at all, or save your money for a film that actually shines along with its stars.
This one doesn't.

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