Matthew Brady's Movie Review of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The year of Spider-Man
Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/31/18


I'm honestly astonished how much I liked this, because before I couldn't be bothered with yet another incarnation of Spider-Man.

Despite a cliched narrative towards the end with "everyone doubts the main hero and he needs to prove himself", type of trope, and inappropriate song choices during dramatic moments - yet that didn't bog down the experience for me.

Still, I wished this movie came out during my childhood when Spider-Man was my bible, as I would've died and gone to heaven from the feeling of glee.

I think the message that anyone can be Spider-Man, no matter your race, gender and sexuality is powerful and empowering.

Some of the best animation I've seen in awhile. Refreshing to find little details that people may not pick up on. It's so creative and visually wonderful, it pops out of the screen. The action scenes are exciting and the comedy was generally funny. Every character is handed with care and it's clear that the creators understand the different incarnations of Spider-Man.

It's tragic seeing mass audience s overlooking this germ - 2018 is the year of the spider.

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