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The Post - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 04/04/18

This was work to get through.

I mean, great performances all around, except for Tom Hanks which I will explain later. Meryl Streep, Bob Odenkirk, and Sarah Paulson were fantastic, having standout moments through out as all three carry the film on their shoulders. With Tom Hanks, not saying he was bad, just easily the weak link and failed to impress me. Nothing about his performance felt natural and came across too forced in certain scenes.

"The Post" tackles a serious subject matter and easily sheds light on relevant topics of today, hence why it was rushed into production - too bad it's not that memorable for any future discussion, which is unfortunate .

At the moment, Spielberg makes factor type films. While not a hack, but lost his prime. I will continue to watch his movies, old or new, because even Spielberg's worser movies are not poorly made, at least. Now lets see about "Ready Player One".

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