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Baby Driver - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 07/29/17

"Was he slow?"

Just when I thought "Dunkirk" was a surreal movie experience, along comes "Baby Driver". A beautifully directed fast peace film with a mix of comedy and action. Just imagine La La Land, but if it was directed by Michael Mann.

I've been a fan of Edger Wright for awhile, as every film he directs I will watch and support it the best I could. Edgers way of visual comedy and know when to switch tones is achievement of it's own. And I know a lot of film makers struggle with that or don't know how to pull it off. What Edger managed to pull off in "Baby Driver" should convince film studios or the average audience member, he's one of the most gifted directors alive right now. The stunt driving and the brilliant coordination with each scene, it's hard not to love it. This was he's passion project and it freaking shows.

Good thing I watched this on the last week it was playing at my cinema. Imagine me missing this.

The movie is literally driven by music. Because everything is edited to a beat of the music. The way the music tunes with the environment of the characters was both unique and different. Gunshots, car horns, or any action will sync up.

Besides having a story that's been done before and you having a sense of things you know is going to happen, but what stops it from being predictable is you never know how things are gonna play out. Almost like the main characters mindset.

All the acting was pretty superb and everyone added something to their characters. With Jon Hamm being the stand out for me. Even well known actors who didn't do much still shine on their own. Like Kevin Spacey dose he's usual thing and there's nothing wrong with that, as it was suitable for that character.

Overall Rating: "Baby Driver" is extremely thrilling, funny, and a total blast to watch. Stylist with it's colors and music choices. The best mix of all film genres and you have no idea how refreshing to see something like this.

Bullets going along with the beat of the music was beautiful.

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