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A Christmas Story (1983)

Christmas Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 12/24/14

"You'll shoot your eye out".

The story is about a young boy is insistent on getting Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas while he puts up with his family during the holidays in the 1940's.

A Christmas Story is been known as a Christmas classic to everyone. The movie started off has a small budget film suddenly turning into a big hit years later, even got a squeal which I reviewed and yeah it wasn't pretty and I had a lot to say about that film, so anywhere I can clearly see why people are calling this a classic because in my heart it is.

I said this in my past reviews about annoying narrating in movies. I just don't like how a character can narrator though out the film, just freaking speak, but in this movie it didn't annoy me, it actually worked for the film, because Ralphie (Main character) put a mans voice in his head just to sound cool and that is just what a kid would do, oh and he also day dreams, just like a kid.

The good thing in this movie: The character's in this movie are so funny and so remember-able, the bully in this movie you know "You gonna cry?", yeah that kid, he was fun. The acting from everybody was really good, even the kid actors did good, nobody did a terrible performance. This movie celebrates Christmas like mad, just like Home Alone 2. And overall this movie ended on a pretty good note towards the end.

The movie is freaking amazing and a good Christmas movie, but it's not on level of oh my god this is a master peace, no it's a charming, and quirky little film with a little sprinkle of heart and joy to all out there.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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