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Year One (2009)

Year One
GJ81 - wrote on 07/09/09

Here is the problem. There is a scene in the movie, about 5 minutes long. In it, you have Jack Black, Micheal Cera, David Cross, and Paul Rudd. Four very very funny men. Very Funny. But yet the scene itself isn't funny at all. And that is a problem. One i find incredibly baffling and which immediately highlighted the fact that the script and its director are purely at fault here. Its just not funny, and everyone tries there best but the final edit is messy with no comedic flow, it just runs from dire sketch to dire sketch. I still love these guys but Harold Ramis, who directed one of my all time favourite movies (Groundhog Day) has lost a lot of respect, from me anyways.

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Holas - wrote on 01/18/10 at 11:13 AM CT

Year One Review comment

I was going to write a review myself, until I came across yours. I seriously agree with everything here, which is unusal for me. I didn't even see Paul Rudd's name in the credits. Did he want it that way?

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