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A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Way To Suck Hard
memento_mori - wrote on 11/02/13

Bruce Willis… What happened?
I address Willis here, because he could have stopped pretty much everything. How anyone else on set didn't say: 'Stop! This is terrible!' is beyond me, because all I can feel right now is absolute anger and disappointment. A Good Day To Die Hard is the worst entry into an otherwise solid franchise, and I hope they make a sixth, because they just can't leave it like this.

This director is a fu*king dumb-a*s, I'm sorry, I just had to curse at this mockery of a decision to institute John Moore as director for a Die Hard movie. What a laugh. Just because you have eye-soaring lens flare in the background doesn't mean you are a creative director Moore!
Lengthy scenes with poor dialogue are often filmed in terrible lighting as well as unnecessary shaky-cam. What horrible work on the cinematographer and director's part.

Skip Woods has proven already with The A-Team that he can't write characters, dialogue, interesting or important exposition or any trait of a screenplay, for that matter.
The script is loaded with clichés, the lines are recycled from other cheesy cop movies and there is nothing redeeming about the action, either.

There is little to no chemistry between Bruce Willis and the cardboard cutout. It is really starting to piss me off that an actor who used to be one of my heroes is now descending into an abyss of lousy, half-assed performances just to make a quick buck. It would be nice to see some actor giving a sh*t.

The antagonists and bad guys with guns are of course once again moving targets for John and his son. How appealing. At least Die Hard 4 had the decency to make the bad guys hard to kill.
Sebastian Koch plays a side-character, who turns out to be the villain. I'm not spoiling anything, trust me. It is so painfully obvious that he is the bad guy. He has a fu*king German accent, for God's sakes! A panda could figure out he was the bad guy!

Jai Courtney is unbearable as Jack. Why is he being so mean to John all the time? It is made clear that he has daddy issues, but WHY? EXPLAIN!

I could have forgiven all of the other faults that this film had, if not for one fatal flaw:
They ruined John McClane.
Where is my favorite character? I see Bruce Willis, but I don't see John McClane.
The mentality is all over the place, with pointless, dumb scenes after pointless, dumb scenes, one involving a singing taxi driver, leading nowhere.
The John McClane I always knew was a foul-mouthed, good-spirited, cool, funny guy who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He was a relatable guy and these absolutely necessary character traits have been forgotten over the series. While they were present in the fourth, I could feel the extravaganza and nostalgia feel of Die Hard fading.
Here, it's gone. All I can see is Bruce Willis recklessly driving into cars, hitting civilians and shouting 'Jack!'.

So, this is not only a bad action movie, but it is also a bad Die Hard movie.
It's is a sloppy, two-buck, poorly shot and edited, lazily written, overdone CGI fest and stain of excrement of an action movie, that coincidentally, but undeservedly, bears the title 'Die Hard'.

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