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Prometheus (2012)

A beautiful mess.
memento_mori - wrote on 09/03/13

Prometheus is probably the one movie I can never make up my mind about.
I've seen it around four times now, and it strikes me as quite far-reaching.

Story-wise, this movie has such a huge scope, that it feels like it doesn't even know where it's going. Some scenes are great, others are poorly written, but the main premise and development of the movie are impressive.
The first few minutes of this film were fantastic. I absolutely love Ridley Scott's beautiful direction and the whole mysterious alien waterfall scene.
Other times the film is pretty bloated with bad characters and actors. The clear standouts are Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, two of my favorite actors working today, especially Fassbender.
The movie tends to evolve very one-sidedly. There is so much focus on these two characters, that gradually the rest of the cast becomes neglected and honestly, quite unlikable.
If you haven't already heard it on every internet forum, the dumbest scientist of all time is in this film. He did something so stupid, I bet everyone in the audience with a PhD face-palmed.

The visual effects are clearly the highlight of the film. They pay homage to the original groundbreaking CG, but Prometheus upgraded it and made it look even better.

So, my conclusion:
It's a very messy, but very astonishing science fiction dilemma.
There's much to like, such as the direction, acting and visual effects, but there are definitely moments where I could feel some IQs dropping.
Is it a modern sci-fi classic and masterpiece as some make it out to be? No. Hell, no. It's way too bloated with unprofessional traits, but was it somewhat worthwhile? Yup.

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travincal - wrote on 06/05/18 at 03:10 PM CT

Prometheus Review comment

it is close to a masterpiece. i went alien covenant... on prometheus page.

travincal - wrote on 06/05/18 at 03:08 PM CT

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the scientist fail because they were choosed to have knowledge but also to be a good enviroment for the colony. you want wall street like competition over booty food and so on? they were ment to be compliant, good persons. these were their guns. but...bad luck. so, the mission before earth departure had to be, was in good parameters.
i believe that engineers were after resurses biomass or metals, or even the whole planet. so the black spores, goo, would end things quickly for them and for us. …

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