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Fantastic Mr. Fox

One of the most creative book adaptations.
memento_mori - wrote on 08/19/13

Fantastic Mr. Fox was a popular children's novel by Roald Dahl, and that's how it stayed: just a popular children's novel. Until Wes Anderson chose to make a film and combine the great characters Dahl created with his own quirky, colorful style.

There is not one boring moment in this movie, it is fascinating. The animation looks real, and it definitely has that signature Wes Anderson style going for it.
This movie has all the strong points that a children's movie should have to make it likable and appealing to adults, as well. Anderson knows how to do that. Everything leaps out at you, inside jokes and references are made, the dialogue is hilarious and just like its titular character, this movie is fantastic.
It's the word to describe it, because nothing is missing. Anderson and Noah Baumbach didn't miss a single thing when writing the excellent script.
I might just like this more than the book.

I'm glad Anderson had his own take on the subject, while still staying true to the original story. It's just so inventive and funny.
I have no problems with the film whatsoever. And this film also has something most Wes Anderson films don't have: anyone who is not an Anderson fan can also enjoy it. There literally is no target audience, because of its quick and lighthearted humor and lovable characters, each a great addition to the film by themselves.

Wes Anderson is a genius, who understands what not only children, but a general audience will have a good time with. It has no flaws whatsoever (in my eyes at least), is a true adaptation and homage to Roald Dahl, but maintains Anderson-isms and the overall quirkiness found in the book and in the director's other works.

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