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Hunger (2008)

Hits you right where it hurts.
memento_mori - wrote on 07/24/13

This movie didn't need to be based on a true story to be a powerful film. And when a film has this ability, all I can do is express my biggest praise.
I love Steve McQueen (the British filmmaker, not the actor), and in his directorial debut he shows us how talented he is.
The story is told in a very non-linear and rather odd, but also very real fashion. It is told through various perspectives, a very good idea. The imprisonment of the revolutionaries is seen from all points, good and bad, allowing insight into the question if: Is this right or is this wrong?
This is the most important question of the movie, and every character, whether it be the prisoner refusing to wash or the prison guard who only does what he's told, asks it. Without even speaking.

Judging an artistic movie is one of the hardest things to do, because no matter what you criticize, there is always that back-up argument: It's art.
How do you define art? How can you say you don't like art?
Those are difficult questions to ask, but during the awe-inspiring scenes of this movie, I simply can't say straight up that I don't like it. It has a huge emotional effect on you by doing so very little.
I don't ever say 'your opinion is wrong', I welcome any point of view on a film as long as the opinion is supported by arguments, but if you can say with a straight face and complete consistency: 'This film is boring.', then you're wrong. For the first time your opinion is wrong, because this movie is fantastic in so many ways and is never boring.

Pay close attention to every scene. The last three shots of this film are just perfect and will stick in my mind forever.

I love it from its acting and its direction to its dialogue and pacing. A masterpiece of modern filmmaking, this is a real movie to make you exercise both brain halves and not let everything sink in easily.
It may not be a movie I'm likely to watch again very soon, but it has a lasting effect on me, and that's what matters.
It hits you where it hurts.

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