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Life Happens
Gabe - wrote on 12/14/15

A wonderful film about a boy who goes through life from the ages of 5-12. Obviously, the most talked about part, the fact that it took 12 years to make is the talking point, and the most fascinating fact about it. But, it also has some serious acting, Patricia Arquette won an Oscar for her role as Mason's mother and Ethan Hawke is good too, as are everyone involved with the film. It's great that they were able to get these people to come together for 12 straight years.

I know a lot of people that did not like this film because "nothing happens." But, that's the point. This film was supposed to portray "real life" and it did a great job at that. Sometimes "nothing happens." Although, quite a few "somethings" happen to Mason. Numerous moves, multiple divorces, abuse, but yet, he still manages to turn out to be a pretty good kid.

I kept waiting for a car accident or some other movie device, but yet, nothing. And again, I think that's the point. Life goes on, and it doesn't always involve a film script.

This is a must see!

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