Junoverse611's Movie Review of Wristcutters: A Love Story

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Wristcutters: A Love Story

Give it a chance.
Junoverse611 - wrote on 06/18/08

Don't be taken aback by the title. This is not an emo-ish, pro suicide movie, as you might think. Yes, it is about suicide, but it is not really what you would think. It starts off as Zia (Patrick Fugit), heartbroken after his breakup with his girlfriend, Desiree, commiting suicide by slitting his wrists, and going into the afterlife for people who have commited suicide- which is gloomy, ugly, depressing, and you literally cannot smile. While there, he finds out that Desiree commited suicide after him, and of course, with his Russian rocker friend by his side, he sets out to find her. On their journey, they meet a quirky girl named Mikal, who claims she is there by mistake. Yes, it may seem like a dark and gloomy movie, but it actually is not. It can be funny, and it does have a happy ending. Give it a chance.

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