FSUNoles27TS's Movie Review of Donnie Brasco

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Donnie Brasco

Depp and Pacino Make for a Good Film
FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 02/19/13

This was a good movie all around. It is a very well done, undercover/gangster movie. Pacino managed to not chew the scenery too much, making his character enjoyable. Johnny Depp did great at portraying the emotions of what he was dealing with. The story and writing was great. I liked and hated the end. I wish they would have changed it up a bit. What I did like was that, even with all the evidence given to them, Sonny and the guys still believed Donnie was not a rat. I picked up the Leftie knew it was true, but refused to say anything. Him taking all of his valuables off as he left his house was heartbreaking. It showed how little money he had, and that he gave his whole life to the family, and left his wife with next to nothing. I do wish there was a little bit of a court scene to see how the guys reacted when they found out for sure that Joe was a rat. Great movie for fans of the Genre. I must see for men.

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