Lee's Movie Review of Now You See Me

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Now You See Me

Breath of fresh air in a stale market
Lee - wrote on 08/25/13

When I originally saw the trailer and saw the storyline for this lil gem I knew it was a gimmie so to speak that I would be going to see it at some point. Well it didn't happen till it was available on dvd however it was well worth the wait! Like I fore mentioned earlier the storyline is original and a breath of fresh air in a less then spectacular year for movies so far. This story is a robin hood sorta tale as 4 street illusionists and magicians are giving a show of their own in Vegas where they are now known as the 4 horseman worldwide, The Cia and Fbi are on their cases however as they are magically robbing banks and giving the spoils of their heists to the crowds in their audiences.

Director Louis Leterrier (2008's The Incredible Hulk, 2010's Clash Of the titans to name a few) does an excellent job in casting and overall telling the tale of this ever so cool movie.

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