Lee's Movie Review of Hellraiser

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Cool storyline with not bad F/X for the time....
Lee - wrote on 03/10/13

Usually the commen factor when watching any of the 80's horror franchises is low grade acting accompanied with F/X that is nowhere near the caliber it is these days. With that being said Hellraiser is a breed apart. Interesting storyline accompanied with not bad acting and pretty good F/X all accompanied with cool creatures either from hell or another dimension? The jury is not back on that one as of yet. Storyline is this... It begins in the city of Morroco as Frank Cotton makes a purchase from a mysterious chinese gentleman..a mysterious puzzle box..Frank, whilst messing around with the box unknowingly opens it letting out it's inhabitors..4 mutilated creatures from somewhere unknown..known as Cenobites their leader, pinhead, a creature with nails driven in all points of his head appearing to be their leader, after literally ripping Frank to pieces with nasty looking fishhooks, closes the box and all traces of this event are removed from the room.

Back in the States, Frank's brother Larry (Andrew Robinson) along with his new bride Julia (Claire Higgins) are moving into their new home together. Larry's teenage daughter chooses not to move in with the newlyweds as she doesn't get along with Julia and opposed the marriage and she gets her own pad instead. Julia and Frank once had an affair...although not told within this story i can only imagine she had caught her uncle Frank and her father's new bride in a thrist???

Whilst moving in, Larry cuts his hand badly on an extended nail and his blood seeps through the floor somehow reaching Frank deep in his Cenobite prison once again whereabouts unknown, causing him to come back to life..Frank once fully restored escapes the attic and confronts his ex lover Julia informing her he needs human blood to fully compose himself so she agrees to lure men into the house to get him his needs. Julia is still obsessing with her lover and will adhere to his every request. Frank also warns julia that the Cenobites will be coming for him soon as when they notice he is alive again they will be pissed!

Not telling anymore of this tale without issuing spoilers however it is an interesting one at best. It did not scare me however i'm sure youngens will not feel the same as both the Cenobites and content in general could be terrifying to some. My thoughts were captivated and plan on watching the rest in this cooler than usual franchise.

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