Lee's Movie Review of Cyberbully

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Good message for today's teens!!
Lee - wrote on 01/15/13

Watched this one with the daughter a while back and was actually surprised on how well the message of watch who your kids allow into their personal cyberspace, expecially on FB, is brought across (A discussion i am quite strict on, just ask either of my kids) Family Channel cutie pie Emily Osment (Hannah Montana Show) portrays Teeny bopper Taylor Hilridge, who after receiving her own personal laptop for her birthday, decides to open up an account on a social networking site a.k.a. FB It's not long before a supposed male 'hotty' requests her freindship, Taylor (Osment) accepts and all hell breaks loose as the account is a fake and whoever is behind it is posting slanderous posts a slew of un truths about Taylor which eventually alienates herself from the whole school body at her highschool (It's online, it's gotta be the truth right???)

Even her close freinds start to avoid her which eventually takes it's tole with Taylor and she slips into a heavy depression. Although this film might play out to some who watch it as an ABC afterschool movie of the week..the message is brought across quite nicely. In my personal opinion should be made as part of the everyday school curriculum, as the more of our teens today may open up their eyes and not be so hasty as to whose invites, without even knowing the person, into their home pages.

Just maybe that alone will be enough to drill into the heads of today's youth , hopefully ceasing the upping numbers of teen suicides.

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